US, Canadian and Aussie wheat industries unite behind GM

Major wheat industry organizations from the US, Canada and Australia have announced that they intend to work together to commercialize genetically modified (GM) wheat crops.

Although other GM crops have been in use for several years, there is currently not a single GM wheat variety commercially available. This is partly due to consumer resistance to GM wheat, particularly in Europe, a situation that has resulted in a dearth of funding for biotech wheat research.

In a joint statement issued on Thursday, the organizations said: “While none of us hold a veto over the actions of others, we believe it is in all of our best interests to introduce biotech wheat varieties in a coordinated fashion to minimize market disruptions and shorten the period of adjustment.”


One Response to “US, Canadian and Aussie wheat industries unite behind GM”

  1. FRED Says:

    Sadly, sugar beets did not benefit from such resistance, and in 2009 100% of sugar beet crops turned GM in North America.
    Although GM presents a few genuine purposes (biofuel, inventory buffer, feeding hunger), it remains an outrage to rip customers off the choice between GMO and GMO-free sugar (made of beets). Choice is democracy.

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