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Poll finds Irish support for EU’s Lisbon treaty rises

June 1, 2009

Irish support for the European Union’s Lisbon reform treaty has risen further, continuing this year’s trend of gains for the “Yes” camp and a steady decline in opposition, an opinion poll showed on Monday.

The Irish Times/TNS mrbi poll found 54 percent would back the treaty in a fresh referendum this year, up two percentage points from two weeks ago, with the proportion of those planning to vote “No” dropping one point to 28 percent.


Eighteen ‘Phantom’ MEPs Will do No Work for Two Years

May 22, 2009

The extra candidates will be chosen in the European Union elections on June 4 despite the agreement, which increases the number of MEPs from 736 to 754, remaining unsigned. Amid confusion over when and how they will take up their seats, the European Parliament has decided to give the MEPs only “observer” status from next year. The deal will mean they can draw full salaries and allowances at an annual cost of over £6 million without any legislative duties to carry out.

Top Nazis Planned EU-Style Fourth Reich

May 11, 2009

A writer who was collecting material for a fictional book based around the premise that top Nazis, seeking to preserve their power at the end of the second world war, conspired to create a Fourth Reich under the auspices of the European Union, actually discovered documents proving the plot to be true.

Israel warns EU to tone down its criticism

May 1, 2009

Israel warned the European Union on Thursday to tone down its criticism of the new Israeli government or risk forfeiting the bloc’s role as broker in Mideast peace efforts.

The warning came after EU’s commissioner for external relations, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, this week criticized Israel’s refusal to endorse a Palestinian state. She said an upgrade in Israeli-EU relations would depend on Israel’s commitment to the “two-state solution.”

Swine Flu Is Bad PR For Pigs

May 1, 2009