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In 1933, the American Press Was Proud that Hitler Adopted Its Propaganda Methods. Nothing Has Changed

July 23, 2009

In 1933, the American advertising industry proudly and publicly boasted that Hitler was copying their American propaganda techniques.

After Hitler and Goebbels gave a bad name to propaganda, Freud’s nephew – psychologist Edward Bernays – simply re-branded propaganda as “public relations” and “professional journalism”.


Western Media Propagandize Iran’s Missile Test

May 21, 2009

Iran announced on Wednesday that it had successfully tested its Sejil 2 surface-to-surface missile, and Western media sources took the opportunity to portray the Middle Eastern nation as a threat to world peace and, specifically, as a threat to Israel.

The Seijl 2 missile has a range of about 1,200 miles, and thus would be capable of hitting Israel, but Iran’s President Ahmadinejad announced in a speech following what he deemed a successful test that the missile’s purpose was to protect Iran from the threat of aggression.

Still, media accounts in the U.S. and other Western nations portrayed Iran’s test as a threatening provocation and linked it to an Iranian nuclear weapons program there is no evidence actually exists.

Bilderberg: News Blackout Continues

May 16, 2009

One single short article in the Wall Street Journal that merely acknowledges this weekend’s Bilderberg Group meeting in Athens is the only US media coverage of a confab involving around 150 of the globe’s most influential movers and shakers.

“The managers of world capitalism aren’t always popular, which is one reason the Group of Seven leaders now meet in out-the-way resorts that are hard for protestors to reach.” WSJ reports.

A Google News searchon “Bilderberg,” which is now in its third day, returns 33 results, all of which consist of articles from this website, a smattering of other alternative media reports, in addition to a snippet from the French Press Agency and Charlie Skelton’s London Guardian updates.

Media Censoring Lethal Side Effects Of Flu Remedies

May 12, 2009

Donald Rumsfeld’s Tamiflu pushers (just as they were in 2006) are set to be the big winners in the GSFS (great swine flu scare of 2009) lottery. Shares of Swiss drug-maker Roche Holding had fallen sharply after their latest cancer drug failure—but the GSFS came just in time to give their falling stocks a boost—just as the great bird flu scare of 2006 did.

Is Rupert Murdoch losing it?

May 10, 2009

I guess there was more important news this morning – Pakistan, the American banks – but it was Rupert Murdoch who caught my attention. I was stunned to read Andy Clark’s dispatch in the Guardian this morning about Murdoch planning on charging for access to his properties on the internet.

Rupert Murdoch: “Internet Will Soon Be Over”

May 8, 2009

Billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch gave a strange response when asked about plans for mainstream news websites to charge for content, declaring, “The current days of the internet will soon be over.”

He was making reference to the fact that corporate media websites cannot continue to survive under their current failing business model.

The establishment media is dying and advertising revenue has plummeted as people turn to blogs and the alternative media for their news in an environment of corporate lies and spin.

This has forced sectors of the corporate media to charge the dwindling number of loyal readers they have left for news content, a practice which is set to become widespread according to Murdoch. This will only send more people over to the alternative media as the old organs of de facto state-controlled propaganda wither and die.

FOX News Iran Propaganda… Fair & Balanced My Ass!

May 6, 2009

Ministers spend £30,000 on media courses in how NOT to answer questions

May 6, 2009

Freedom of the press declines in every region in 2008

May 4, 2009

Journalists around the globe should have little reason to think that freedom of the press is safe, according to a survey report released on Friday by Freedom House, a human rights advocacy group. Freedom House’s annual ‘freedom of the press report’ analyzed the state of the news media in 195 countries; advocates found that the freedom of the press declined in every region for the first time since the annual report was published.

The report, which can be found at the Freedom House website, recorded the seventh straight year in overall declines in freedom of the press worldwide. “Improvements in a small number of countries — including bright spots in parts of South Asia and Africa — were overshadowed by a continued, relentless assault on independent news media by a wide range of actions, in both authoritarian states and countries with very open media environments.”

CFR Corporate Members Get Lion’s Share of Bailout Funds

April 30, 2009

Newspapers are fixated upon $160 million in bonuses given to American International Group (AIG) executives. And it’s nice to know where the millions are going (note: the bonuses could have been cancelled had the federal government let the company go bankrupt, as officials should have). But where are the trillions in TARP, TALC and Federal Reserve Bank bailout funds going?


April 29, 2009

PEOPLE across the world have been urged not to panic as experts warned that most of you would be dead by the end of this sentence.

As pork flu swept across the globe governments sought to calm fears by ordering 400 million coffins, while media organisations offered a reward to any scientist prepared to use the word ‘holocaust’.

In the UK, experts stressed there was no risk from pork products before urging Britain’s army of morons to round-up all the sausages they could find and throw them into the sea.