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Now drinkers must wait in ‘post office-style’ queues at their local pub

May 27, 2009

Drinkers in pubs are to be told to stand in a queue and banned from ordering more than two drinks at a time at the bar.

Rope barriers similar to those used in shops and post offices will be installed to keep customers in line.

The plan has been proposed following concern over disorder and violence in a town centre’s bars.

The two-drink limit is intended to curb binge-drinking and stop customers ordering large amounts of alcohol. In addition, customers would not be allowed to drink while queuing.

But critics say the ‘nanny state’ restrictions will end the convivial British tradition of drinkers buying rounds for their friends.


Bill set to expose gender pay gap

April 27, 2009

Many employers will be made to reveal how much they pay men compared with women, under the Equalities Bill.

Firms employing at least 250 staff would be required to publish average hourly rates for men and women by 2013.